Heroes and Villains: The COVID-19 Book of Lists


From the Preface: “I’m going to cut to the Chase. This is not going to end until we start naming names and filing charges. What we went through the last two plus years isn’t the first time this has happened.”

So begins this powerful and important book. It does us no good to repeat, “The FDA is in the pocket of Big Pharma,” or “The CDC committed fraud in lying about the infection fatality rate and the ability of the vaccines to block transmission. We need to know the names of the people who were active participants in these crimes.

The powers that be used “useful idiots such as the M.D.T.V. Mafia to incite fear in the general population by exaggerating the severity and risks of catching the SARS-2 virus. They then exaggerated the death counts by first changing the guidelines (on March 24, 2020) for assigning death to COVID-19 (from guidelines that had been in place for 17 years), and then by using grotesque monetary incentives to get physicians and hospitals to “play along”.

This fear was used to get the unsuspecting public to agree to absurd policies like lockdowns meant to “slow the spread” or “flatten the curve”, ostensibly to mitigate the risks of a bad outcome. This was 100% nonsense and those of us who understood the medical science of respiratory virus spread and tried to notify the public of this science were silenced by social media since they too stood to profit wildly from the lockdowns.

People lost their life savings, their jobs and health insurance, and their lives. And for what? So a handful of people could make obscene amounts of money on a “vaccine” that had never made it through animal trials and were rushed into the arms of people. With the same dishonesty used to exaggerate the death tolls from the virus, the vaccine pushers continue to minimize the deleterious effects of the vaccines, including the enormous numbers that have died and been permanently injured

The people behind this need to be listed by name and prosecuted for the 75 times as many people who have died and will die from the policies put in place to thwart the virus than from the disease it caused. This book names the names in order, based on the number of people who died as a result of the policies they endorsed. It is a book that everyone should read to see who was responsible for the greatest crime in history. It is also the first step in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

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